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Best Cooking Oils?

You should know that good fats (like saturated fats) are not bad for you. Which oils are best to cook with? You need to look at how stable it is when it cooks. Vegetable oils are very unstable at a high temperature so you should never cook with them. Also see if the oil is saturated (solid at room temperature) They are usually more stable than liquid oils.

These are the best  oils to cook with:


Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a great cooking oil because it is saturated and very stable a high temperature.  It is a white solid at room temperature(below 76 degrees F) and has a yummy coconuty taste. It comes from coconuts of course. Many people around the world, especially in India, have used the oil for thousands of years. Coconut oil does not become rancid too quickly so food cooked in it won’t become stale.

In the 1940’s farmers tried to use coconut oil to make their animals fatter. Guess what? The became leaner and healthier,  had a better appitite and they were more active. Then they tried corn and soy, and that made the cute piggies and cows fatter. The same thing would happen to us.

Other health benefits of coconut oil are good saturated fats called lauric acids help us fight many diseases including HIV and cancer. It helps with weight loss and is 92% saturated,6% monounsaturated and only a good 2% polyunsaturated!

Coconut oil is great with meat and fish, and some veggies too, like sweet potatoes.

Ghee(clarified butter)

When you don’t want a coconuty taste to your food you can use ghee or butter  for cooking also. Ghee is a very nutritious fat even though it’s technically dairy. The reason to avoid dairy is because of lactose and some gut iritating properties. Ghee is purified to the point where it has no lactose in pure form, unlike butter  which has a little(0.5% to be exact). Ghee also is stable at high temperatures and is also highly saturated(good).

Ghee is great for cooking but also has other benefits as well. It is high in vitamin A and D, and can be supportive for eye and bone health. And Of course it is saturated and helps absorb fat soluble vitamins, like other fats.

Ghee is great to cook all foods in my opinion.

Animal fats

You know, lard, duck fat, tallow… Those are excellent for cooking. All animal fats are very stable at high temperatures and mostly saturated fat(if the animal was healthy and not fed grains. Grains raise polyunsaturated fat in the animal which is mostly omega-6. The lack of omega-3 in the fat will ruin our 1:1 omega-3: omega-6 ratios, which is really bad).

The other benefits of saturated animal fat are that it’s good for your bones, it makes up at least 50% of the cell membrane, and it enhances the immune system too. Those are just a few of the proven benefits of animal fats.

To be honest I’ve never tried food cooked in animal fats, I’m just gonna guess that its good in sweet potato/ zucchini chips and meat, maybe veggies, but I’m not sure.

So now you should know how cook paleo style. Make these the main fats you consume and cook with, and live healthily.


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My Trip to Yellowstone

Like I said in my last tiny post, I wasn’t able to blog for a week because I was in Yellowstone with my family.  Yellowstone is in Wyoming in the west. We actually stayed in Jackson Hole, a nearby tourist town and we did the most things there. These are the highlights  of my trip:

Alpine Slide

There was the gigantic Alpine Slide in Jackson Hole, which starts on top of a small mountain and goes all the way down. You ride on a small sled with a break to control your speed so you can go fast or slow. I rode down fast(not as fast as I wanted to, haha).

So Many Animals!

We saw a million Bison, 3 or 4  Elk, about 10 Dear, 1 bear and 1 cub,  20 horses, 50 cows and bulls, and  a whole bunch of humans! (Hey, we’re animals too :P). The wild life in Yellowstone was amazing and you get to see so many new critters (up close sometimes). Get up early to see them, it’s totally worth it.

It's an Elk!

White  Water Rafting

We also went white water rafting and I’ve gotta say that was the best part of the trip. I got completely soaked as we flowed down monstrously fast rapids. The best rapid was called Lunch Counter(I have no clue why) because it was probably the most dangerous. Up come 5 huge waves, each 4-5 feet tall, pushing our little raft here and there. Water pushed the boat from the side and I though we would flip over. Luckily everyone made it though all the rapids and no one fell in by accident(my brother  jumped in on purpose to get wet).


Hiking was a big part of our trip too. I think we hiked some 7 miles in 3 days( not constantly of course) and  that was really fun. Because of my WOW workouts my stamina shot up and I could do a lot more than I thought I could. I climbed 328 stairs plus about a mile of steep uphill without a brake! I think that was my biggest accomplishment of the whole trip. We went on many other trails as well but that one(called Uncle Tom’s Trail) was the hardest and longest trail we took.

While I was there I didn’t eat paleo at all. I had fun so I loosened up a bit. I still avoided too many grains but went  full on with flavored yogurt, mashed potato, ice cream and I had tons of processed food. I don’t really feel guilty because I felt that it was a well deserved break. I love eating paleo, but after 8 months of strict paleo I think one week of crap is fine, as long as you get back on the paleo train quickly.(And by the way if you go to Jackson Hole, the restaurant called Blue Lion  is awesome. It’s expensive but seemed healthy and the food tastes great! Order the Elk Tenderloin, it’s the best meal I ever  had, no kidding!)

Something Interesting…                                                                                                          

After eating like a SAD(Standard American Diet) person, but still getting about 3 times more exercise than I usually do and much more than most “experts” recommend, I (and my paleo brother who also eat SADly) still gained fat! That is definite proof the FDA really does stand for “Federal Destruction of America” (hahaha!).

So that was pretty much my trip; lots of fun, exercise, 3 hours of sun a day(no bad sunscreen and no sun burn!), getting wet, SADness and more fun! Yup, also Yellowstone is such a beautiful and natural place, I hope it stays like that, don’t litter or pee in the lakes. And if you are searching for a place to go and escape from work or the city, Yellowstone is great (and if you want staying paleo isn’t that hard I just chose not to).

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