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The Barefoot Lifestyle

Have you guys ever heard of the barefoot runners in India or have you ever watched the video Born To Run? It’s a great video, I  really recommend it  because it explains why running can be important and why shoes are not the answer. Lots of people on the paleo diet also change the way they live, and one of those ways is moving around barefoot. Walking on your bare feet can be very beneficial to your health.

First of all, say goodbye to aching feet. There has been many experiences of foot pain that won’t go away, people just kick off they’re shoes for a few days and guess what? No more aches. (That is until they start wearing shoes for long periods of time again, especially heels and flats). Also, have you heard about injuries during running? Probably. So many runners get injuries now and then, and sometimes  they’re even permanent injuries. Why so? Could it be the precious, $200 running shoes? That’s usually the problem.

Shoes also cause other troubles as well. There are certain muscles in the foot that are not being used when shoes are on your feet. And that’s not good. You know what happens when muscles are not being used, they get weak. Even if it’s the tiniest muscle on your foot, it’s ‘begging’ for exercise. That’s why many  runners have started running barefoot(also for the lower amount of injuries).

Walking barefoot on the streets in your neighborhood may get you thinking “ouch that’s gonna hurt.” This is not the case. When you get used the hard, uneven surfaces, walking barefoot doesn’t hurt, it’s actually quite relaxing. When you walk barefoot you get more chi(also called qi)which is energy flow though out the body.

Barefoot walking, as odd as it seems,( not really, we have been doing it for millions of years, shoes are really the odd ones) can be very kind to you and your feet.




WOW(Workout of the week)

Last week I was fiddling around on and I found a list of caveman workouts. Since I was looking for a new workout routine, I decided to try them. They are called the WOWs(workout of the week) Yesterday  was my first workout and man am I sore! I guess it’s a good thing to be sore sometimes and build up muscle. I think I was sore because I’m used to “regular workouts”, you know, long cardio, push ups and sit ups(obviously these are not as beneficial as caveman-like exercise). My thighs hurt while I didn’t even know I was working them so much! The work out I did was called “Grok’s Rock”  (really tough, not the best WOW to start of with, my mistake) It involved the grok crawl(crawling on all fours and pouncing on an imaginary small animal) That was what really got me. And then I also had to sprint, lunge, and do a weighted squat throw(holding weight when you squat, and throw it while coming up) I repeated the whole thing 8 times. It may not seem like much but the WOWs are really hard if you try your best. Now (when I’m not sore) I will continue doing these exercises when I can. I suggest this for anyone who wants to lose weight and get fit.

Thanks Mark these are awesome workouts!

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The Benefits of Exercising + a Killer Routine!

Ashana + Exercise

Theses are the benefits I and many others have experienced from my regular work out:

I: Positive gains that I am grateful for from exercise:

  • Better control of left hand (I have a disability remember)
    • before I couldn’t lift 5 lbs. but now I can do
      two sets of 15 (biceps)

More strength and flexibility everywhere

  • Now I can do 7-10 push ups, before I could do 1-3
  • Squats
    Before- two sets of 5, Now- one set of 20
  • Before- couldn’t even touch my toes, Now- almost
    touch heels
  • Increased mile time by two minutes
    • Before- 14:55, After- 12:52

Less fat and more muscle

  • Weight
    Before- 87, After- 82 (I’m trying to gain muscle mass; all that was fat)

Better abs!

  • More definition almost 2 pack (I am a girl so it’s pretty good)
  • Started thinking about how to be healthier in
    other ways

    • Eating better, being more active besides

Made P.E teacher happier

  • By increasing mile time
  • Trying to stretch more in warm-ups

Helped activities/food in group therapy so it can be
better for all involved

  • Made apple pie with no sugar once, healthier
    snacks (fruit required to get a donut)
  • Plans to exercise(aerobics) while waiting for
    cookies to bake

II:  I began exercising and I enjoy continuing to exercise for many reasons. I began because
I felt like I was gaining weight because of the junk food I ate and then when I
lost the weight I wanted to just be healthier. Also, at first, I wanted my left
head coordination to look better at school and to not look as slow and weak in
P.E. I would like to continue because I’m grateful for all the benefits and
want to keep getting healthier in the future.

III: This my current exercise routine, I tried to make it as well-rounded as possible.


Warm up


High Intensity

Warm Down






Pull ups:___x___


Bent Rows:___,__x___





Warm-up Lap (30%)

Fast Half-Lap (60%)

Short Rest

Hard Sprints (100%) ___

Medium Rest

Medium Runs (80%) ___

Cool-down Lap (30%)



Meditation, Music, Arts, Creativity.

Identify one new thing that you have
never done before and can easily do in the next week, OR something that is an
illogical fear for you, and do it.



Knee Pushups:___x___



Squat jumps:___x___









Warm-up Lap (30%)

Fast Lap (70%)

Medium Rest

Double Lap Jog (50%)


Short Rest

Cool-down Jog (30%)






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