Hi, I’m Ashana and I’m  just blogging to spread the word out about health, and other things. So, I am 14 years old and I have tried to be healthier in many ways. I’ve experimented with all kinds of diets; low fat, high carb, lots of veggies, but the best diet I have tried and am currently on is the paleo diet which is high-fat, low-carb and high in animal protien. I kinda go against this thing called ‘conventional wisdom’ which, in my opinion shouldn’t even exist. I believe you  should do what you think is right for yourself. I wanted to give you guys real diet tips that work. As far as exercise, I’ve been working out regularly for about a whole year now and I feel much more energized and healthier. I also have a mild disability in my left arm and can’t use it as well as others, and that’s my motavation to be as fit as possible. I want to share some of my advice with you, not just about health, but everything I’m intrested  in.  My mission is to educate you readers about deciding what to eat, to exercise and to make better decisions on how to spend your time.


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