Fat Head the Movie

I saw the awesome documentary about food yesterday called Fat Head. It’s about a guy who eats fast food and loses weight. It’s a follow up to the movie Supersize Me, which I haven’t seen but in that movie the guy ate 5,000 calories a day of fast food and got fat. No surprise, 5,000 cals of anything will make you fat! That’s why Fat Head is way more honest and real.

Fat Head is really cool because it identifies the real problem in America, which is the FDA’s dietary recommendations. Without their lousy recommendations, fast food companies would still fry their food in saturated fat, the obeasity rate wouldn’t be as bad, more kids would walk home from school if it wasn’t for school busses  that drop kids of when their house is just 1/2 mile away, and thanks to the recommendations again, our carb intake is so high that 25.8 MILLION people have diabetes in the US!!!


Who knew that our government could cause so many problems??? It’s just plain SAD:(

Fat Head  the movie will explain all those problems, talk about the cholesterol and saturated fat  myths, and about how we are being lied to by thousands of people we look up to, and the ‘experts.’

Watch Fat Head on Hulu for free here, it’s really eye opening and hilarious!

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