The 4th of July: Feast Ideas

The 4th of July is when America finally got independence from Great Britain, and the famous Declaration of Independence was signed. So now we all celebrate this day by brewing up a barbecue for lunch, and at night you go see relaxing, beautiful fireworks. At the lunch-time barbecue you stuff your face with hamburgers and hot dogs and hang out with your family. In this post I’m just going to list a few paleo barbecue ideas and recipes I found online:

Paleo Hamburgers

 Kale Chips


Paleo hot dogs

  • I made this one up: you go buy a good quality, grass-fed wiener, cook it, wrap it in lettuce, add condiments and wallah!

Sweet potato salad

Fruit salad

  • That’s easy. Mix a bunch of fruit in a bowl

Coconut milk vanilla ice cream( red, white, and blue: raspberries, ice cream, blueberries)

So that wraps it up, this would be a heck of a picnic, ehh? Have a good 4th of July, spend time with family, and eat (paleo) like it’s the end of the world!

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