WOW(Workout of the week)

Last week I was fiddling around on and I found a list of caveman workouts. Since I was looking for a new workout routine, I decided to try them. They are called the WOWs(workout of the week) Yesterday  was my first workout and man am I sore! I guess it’s a good thing to be sore sometimes and build up muscle. I think I was sore because I’m used to “regular workouts”, you know, long cardio, push ups and sit ups(obviously these are not as beneficial as caveman-like exercise). My thighs hurt while I didn’t even know I was working them so much! The work out I did was called “Grok’s Rock”  (really tough, not the best WOW to start of with, my mistake) It involved the grok crawl(crawling on all fours and pouncing on an imaginary small animal) That was what really got me. And then I also had to sprint, lunge, and do a weighted squat throw(holding weight when you squat, and throw it while coming up) I repeated the whole thing 8 times. It may not seem like much but the WOWs are really hard if you try your best. Now (when I’m not sore) I will continue doing these exercises when I can. I suggest this for anyone who wants to lose weight and get fit.

Thanks Mark these are awesome workouts!

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