Some Schools Ban Chocolate Milk

This was one of the changes I’ve been waiting for. Some school districts decided that the school’s chocolate milk is one of the causes of childhood obesity. I guess that’s a good start, it will save the kids from consuming a literally wagon-full of sugar  in their school career.

So now, sadly, childhood obesity has gone up and parents think chocolate milk is one of the causes. At school, 70% of students choose chocolate milk over white milk(I think it’s because regular milk is low-fat, and it causes a number of kids to pick chocolate milk, another reason why low-fat is bad)Also did you know some schools put high fructose corn syrup in the flavored milk?(terrible! It’s worse than sugar!)  Chocolate milk has 20 grams of sugars, 14 are natural lactose(lactose is the #1 reason I don’t drink milk) That’s why I think we should ban chocolate milk from schools.

Some argue that the ‘low-fat’ label outweighs the harm of sugar. Well drinking low-fat milk if you’re a child is terrible for health! The children will have saturated fat deficiencies, which will cause them to not grow and mentally develop as another child who drinks whole milk, thus mot learn as well. If you want to avoid gaining fat, don’t eat sugar! After all, sugar turns into fat more quickly than dietary fat does, unless you burn it of in less than 1-1 1/2 hours (for fat you have about 3-4 hours to burn it off, which can be done without even moving). And anyway, after age 2 or 3 you should not drink milk at all! It’s not good for you, mainly because of lactose(milk sugar) that humans are not designed to consume. But if you do drink milk, whole white milk is much better that low-fat flavored milk that has chemicals, sugar, and not enough saturated fat. I say reduce obesity by ridding schools of flavored milk!

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