Star Testing: Get in Focus

Yup, it’s that time of the year again… the star test(Standardized Testing and Reporting) now its also called csd or cde I think. We take this every year in California for school. Lots of people are thinking aww time to get tested on everything we learned in the whole year, but I just love it, not the test, but the school day. So we go take it first thing in the morning and  then it’s done(only for today, we test for 4 days) and then we have only 3 periods, 10 minutes each. After 1st per. we have a 35 minute lunch(I think it’s pointless because we leave school at 12:55) and after lunch we have about 25 minutes of school left and that’s it. We do absolutely nothing in class! I say we should go home after testing, but I’m guessing that’s illegal or something.

Anyway this time the test was surprisingly easy(I think it’s just my opinion because some others were stumped; ha!… just kidding) I also experienced something so awesome during the test: true focus. I think that’s also why I thought the star test(today I took math and English)was so easy. Another sign I felt of having good focus was that the test felt like it was over in 15 minutes when it was 3 hours long, and I didn’t even get a slight headache, unlike last year. I was able to think logically and not rush my self, in fact I was done early and I even caught 1 mistake, on the only question I had a doubt about, which made me feel awesome. Getting into deep  focus, like I was, in makes star testing a breeze.

Part of the reason I think I got into that state of focus was because I knew the material(paying attention in math really helps!) But the other big part was probably my preparedness. I made sure I slept well and ate a nutritional(HUGE) breakfast. Also, the day before the test I did not study(did that  before) or even think about tomorrow’s star exam. So my brain had a nice rest before the big day. I slept the same amount of time I always do(about 9 hours and 30-45 minutes. I did not dream about the test(I guess that’s not in your control and why would you?) For breakfast I had  a huge piece  of ham with a sprinkle of honey smeared on top, a boiled egg, and a glass of lemon-banana smoothie, and a  few nuts to fill me  up . Just eat until your satisfied, but not too much, and be sure you won’t get hungry (bowl of cereal won’t cut it, and of course during the test we get snacks but who wants those sugary granola bars, I strongly think they should have fruit at least!) And that’s what is the best way of increasing your focus and chance of getting a good score on the star test( or any test!)

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