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Paleo Approved Sweeteners

Here’s a list of paleo-approved sweeteners:
  • Honey
  • Crushed dates
  • maple syrup
  • crushed raisins
  • Fruit juice
  • Stevia
  • Molasses
(No agave nectar on the list because even though its natural, it’s very high in fructose. Fructose is very bad for your health see:
All of these sweeteners are paleo-friendly and natural. But remember that you should only eat these in moderation and that way you can get to optimal health.
“Beat the sugar addiction”


What You Can and Can’t Eat on the Paleo Diet

I’m posting this because many of you are confused on what’s restricted besides grains. And then there’s basically anything not on the restricted list is what you can eat to have optimal health.

First, here’s what you can eat on the paleo lifestyle:

  • Any natural meat(chicken, beef, pork, bison, buffalo, any thing meat…)
  •  vegetables(except potato; but some eat it on paleo 2.0)
  • Butter(It’s dairy but very nutritious)
  • Fruit
  • Berries
  • Nuts(in moderation)
Here’s what you can’t(or at least shouldn’t) eat:
  • No grains(duh! wheat, rice, barely, oats, millet, rye…)
  • No dairy(allowed on paleo 2.0. I say almost every dairy except milk is ok in moderation. Milk has lactose[milk sugar])
  • No vegetable oil(except coconut oil and olive oil)
  • No processed sugar(if so very little, I recommend other sweet substitutes)
  • No legumes(peas, peanuts, green beans, beans, lentil, soy including tofu)
  • No potatoes(sweet potatoes/yams are ok in my version of the diet)
  • No soft drinks(even diet), processed food, candy, sugery chocolate(super dark is ok in moderation)
  • No fast food
Alright so that’s  pretty much it. When I saw this list I was like “WHAT, I CANT LIVE WITHOUT THIS!!!” But if you have determination, you can accomplish anything! You’ll soon see and feel the benefits of avoiding the anti-paleo list. Good luck!


Quick Paleo Fried Bread

If you want some almond bread fast and you have no time to wait for it to cook in the oven, then this is a gift for you! The recipe barely takes 10 minutes and wallah! you have a great side dish or snack.


1 cup almond flour

1 egg

Sea salt to taste

1 tablespoon ghee(clarified butter) or coconut oil


All you do now is mix the almond flour, salt and egg in a bowl, and then heat oil in a pan and shape the mixture into a patty. Fry the mixture on medium – medium high heat until it’s golden brown.  Eat!


Paleo Cheese!

I know you can’t believe it, but it’s finally here! Paleo cheese! Does it taste like cheese? No! But it has a great taste of nuts, salt and some lemon juice. It’s called cheese because of the texture; great on paleo pizza or pasta. I got this from another website and I thought it would be a great addition to my blog. Enjoy!


1 cup cashews (and almonds) SOAKED FOR 10 hours and drained
salt to taste
some water
something sour (like lemon juice)


After soaking the nuts in water for 10 hours, simply put all ingredients and blend until nice and smooth. Add water a little at a time and taste it to see if it zneeds more salt or lemon juice. Blend it as much as you can.

nuts in blender

Then, place the wet nut-paste in any cloth and hang it over a bowl and let it drip.(you can drink the drippings, it’s nut milk) Let it hang for about 12 hours.

Finally, place the paste in a closed container in the fridge and let it sit for 2-4 days. (Be patient, its good if you wait 4 days!)

Eat it as a snack or on some paleo pizza or whatever you want, your choice!

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Egg Yolks Aren’t Evil

Egg yolks… everyone goes around saying they are bad… that they are the cause of heart attacks and all these other modern diseases. If you are paleo, by now you should know that dietary cholesterol is not bad for you, here’s why the egg yolk is so much more beneficial than egg whites.

The Good About Egg Yolks

"An egg yolk a day keeps the doctor away"

Egg yolks have lots of vitamin and all the fat soluble ones(A,E,D and K) It’s one of the only food sources of vitamin D, especially great on the paleo diet. So many people think that the saturated fat in egg yolk is bad, (when it is not) that they completely overlook the major benefits. The egg yolk also has a lot of important minerals like calcium, zinc, iron, phosphorous, thiamine, folate and vitamin B6 and B12 too. Egg yolk is a great source of protein and essential fat. Egg yolks contain cholesterol only because the bird inside the egg needs it to grow healthily. And cholesterol is also essential for us aswell. They also have DHA which is a form of omega 3 that your body can use. That way you can keep your omega 3/omega g ratios more like they should be; 1:1. Egg yolks have many benefits that you don’t want to miss out on.

   The Bad About Egg Whites

Egg whites, on the other hand, may not be so friendly. Egg whites don’t have much fat and that can be a problem, since most vitamins are only fat soluble. If you have an egg white omelette in the mornings you can have deficiencies in the major nutrients like cholesterol and saturated fat. If you think about it, all organisms want to live, right? So the egg is no different. Egg whites are actually  the self-defense mechanism of the egg. They have loads of anti nutrients. In fact, 13 of 14 kinds of proteins in the egg white have anti-microbial properties that usually stops microbes and viruses from getting to the egg  yolk which is trying to raise a full-fledged, healthy animal. But those can affect us too, especially if you eat a lot of egg whites. Some stuff in egg whites can even pass though your intestinal wall and damage you guts. This is why the egg whites are best avoided or at least eaten with the healthy egg yolk.

So this is why they say “An egg yolk a day keeps the doctor away” probably more than that high fructose apple.    😀

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The Benefits of Exercising + a Killer Routine!

Ashana + Exercise

Theses are the benefits I and many others have experienced from my regular work out:

I: Positive gains that I am grateful for from exercise:

  • Better control of left hand (I have a disability remember)
    • before I couldn’t lift 5 lbs. but now I can do
      two sets of 15 (biceps)

More strength and flexibility everywhere

  • Now I can do 7-10 push ups, before I could do 1-3
  • Squats
    Before- two sets of 5, Now- one set of 20
  • Before- couldn’t even touch my toes, Now- almost
    touch heels
  • Increased mile time by two minutes
    • Before- 14:55, After- 12:52

Less fat and more muscle

  • Weight
    Before- 87, After- 82 (I’m trying to gain muscle mass; all that was fat)

Better abs!

  • More definition almost 2 pack (I am a girl so it’s pretty good)
  • Started thinking about how to be healthier in
    other ways

    • Eating better, being more active besides

Made P.E teacher happier

  • By increasing mile time
  • Trying to stretch more in warm-ups

Helped activities/food in group therapy so it can be
better for all involved

  • Made apple pie with no sugar once, healthier
    snacks (fruit required to get a donut)
  • Plans to exercise(aerobics) while waiting for
    cookies to bake

II:  I began exercising and I enjoy continuing to exercise for many reasons. I began because
I felt like I was gaining weight because of the junk food I ate and then when I
lost the weight I wanted to just be healthier. Also, at first, I wanted my left
head coordination to look better at school and to not look as slow and weak in
P.E. I would like to continue because I’m grateful for all the benefits and
want to keep getting healthier in the future.

III: This my current exercise routine, I tried to make it as well-rounded as possible.


Warm up


High Intensity

Warm Down






Pull ups:___x___


Bent Rows:___,__x___





Warm-up Lap (30%)

Fast Half-Lap (60%)

Short Rest

Hard Sprints (100%) ___

Medium Rest

Medium Runs (80%) ___

Cool-down Lap (30%)



Meditation, Music, Arts, Creativity.

Identify one new thing that you have
never done before and can easily do in the next week, OR something that is an
illogical fear for you, and do it.



Knee Pushups:___x___



Squat jumps:___x___









Warm-up Lap (30%)

Fast Lap (70%)

Medium Rest

Double Lap Jog (50%)


Short Rest

Cool-down Jog (30%)






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Lemony-Banana Fusion Smoothie

Want a healthy, refreshing summer drink? You’re at the right place, this is a simple smoothie that takes minutes to make and tastes great!

(makes about 1 cup)


1 medium lemon

1 medium banana

1-2 tablespoons honey

1/3 cup of water

A few ice cubes


Peel the lemon and banana, throw the whole lemon and banana and all ingredients in the blender, except honey, and blend well. When it’s blended, add honey and blend again. Pour into a cup and enjoy.

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